Hashtags For Marketing Agencies

Hashtags For Marketing Agencies

Still using hashtags on Twitter? Even with their many disadvantages and pitfalls, hashtags are still widely used by business owners and marketing agencies because they’re free and relatively easy to use. The main drawback of using hashtags for marketing agencies is the fact that hashtags can be shared among thousands of other businesses within the same sector. The hashtag you’re using to promote your business is at the same time being used by your competition- and it can mean a lot of extra work for customers or clients to find you amid the sea of businesses.

How Branded Hashtags Are Changing the Way We Use Hashtags for Marketing

If you’re tired of betting everything on a hashtag that will make or break your marketing campaign, Hashtag.Space has a better solution: branded hashtags that belong to you, and you, alone. Once you purchase your brand, company name, or keyword from HashtagSpace in the form of a hashtag domain, you’ll be in the driver’s seat as you market your products or services. Old hashtag marketing tactics are out-dated; hashtag domains are the future; here’s why:

  • Create a hashtag for your brand that no one else can use
  • Maximize your marketing budget (hashtag domains cost just $24.95 each)
  • Use your # domains on social media, in emails, in text messages, and in places where you’re currently using hashtags.
  • Corner your industry’s market by buying up hashtag domains for the most popular keywords
  • Gain an edge over your competition

What Branded Hashtags Mean For Your Business

Most business owners either hire a marketing agency for hashtag campaigns or spend a lot of time doing the work themselves. The problem with both of these approaches is that conventional hashtags for promotion are on the way out. Hashtag domains will soon overtake hashtags for marketing agencies, and there’s an urgency to get on board because once the most popular hashtag domains have been bought, it’s going to become more difficult and more expensive to obtain effective hashtags. Now is the time to take action if you want to beat other business owners to the head of the line.

How Hashtag Domains Work

As the decentralized internet is being built, it’s becoming more important with each passing day to let go of out-dated technology and marketing tactics that will soon become obsolete. The decentralized internet is a space where free speech is cherished, honest data is championed, and censorship is impossible. While ICANN continues to censor and oppress business owners who don’t align their business’ protocols with their communistic agenda, the Web 3.0 is becoming more attractive to internet users. The exodus from the centralized Web to the decentralized internet is taking place, as we speak.

You can resolve your existing website to the decnetralized internet by purchasing a hashtag domain and linking the two with your URL. The good news is, you don’t have to stop at one; purchase keywords and key phrases, as well, that will direct customers or clients to your website. Hashtag domains are unstoppable and extremely affordable, but only while the most popular domains are still available.

How You’ll Benefit

Coming into a project on the ground floor has numerous benefits that can certainly be appreciated by a future-looking company. The cost-savings alone is something that should be fully taken advantage of while common hashtag domains are still able to be purchased; in time, business owners will pay a premium for hashtag domains. Additional benefits of owning your own hashtag domaiins include:

- Hashtag domain reselling with autoresell feature. Buy any # domain and immediately put it up for sale at any price you choose, up to $1,000,000.

- Access to MHC, the world’s fastest decentralized cryptocurrency. Buy and sell using your PayPal account on theBridge at Hashtag.Space. Learn how you can download the MetaGate browser where you can search the Web 3.0, store MHC and other crypto, and keep an eye on what MetaHash (MHC) is doing in the market.

- Copy and paste your personal referral link and earn a passive income by inviting others to purchase hashtag domains from the site. You’ll earn 25% of every # domain purchase that comes through your referral.

- Exciting new features are being added and are soon to become a reality, such as decentralized streaming (dreaming), decentralized email (D-mail), and much more.

If you’re still creating social media hashtag campaigns, there’s no reason to stop doing what’s working for you; simply recognize the fact that as time passes, hashtags on the centralized internet will become less and less effective in bringing new customers to your door. As hashtag domains effectively replace traditional hashtags, you’ll be glad you invested early on in the project. The longer you wait to get involved, the more you’re likely to pay for # domains. As more and more businesses make the move from centralized to decentralized, you don’t want to risk being left behind.

How Many Hashtag Domains to Purchase

Do what your budget will allow; start with your own business or company name, then create a chart with the most popular keywords surrounding your industry. Buy blocks of 5 hashtag domains as you research words relative to your type of business, the products you sell, or the services you offer. After exhausting the most popular keywords, look for short key phrases and invest in those, as well. A small to medium-sized business should consider owning 50 # domains for keywords and another 25-50 # domains for short key phrases. Owning 100 hashtag domains will probably cost less than the price of your last marketing campaign.

Meet the Future of Hashtags

As a business owner, you won’t have to pay for hashtags for marketing agencies since the future of the internet is decentralized. Owning your own hashtag domains can save you time and money while you grow your business. Learn more about the Web 3.0 when you visit Hashtag.Space. Create a free account, start searching for hashtag domains, and use your free referral link to start earning money. If you have questions, get in touch with Hashtag.Space CEO, Robert Bibb, by calling 1.304.933.1944.

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Hashtags For Marketing Agencies


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