Houston mobile website optimization

Houston mobile website optimization

“I'm going to enter to the Internet”. How long has it been since you've heard that expression? Nowadays the revolution of connectivity brought by mobile devices has changed the way people interact with the digital world. Now it's as simple as taking the phone in your hand, and you're already online.

This interconnection has not only changed the form people interact but also how they meet their needs for goods and services. As a result, the way of doing business has also changed.

A crucial point for achieving meaningful conversions is that your company has a responsive website. This is a web design technique that allows your content to adapt to any screen size, allowing your users to access your business with ease.

Responsive or Mobile Version?

When looking to bring your content to the screens of mobile devices, be careful with this distinction. There is a format called “mobile version” that has been widely used to reach users who access by this way. However, it is separate programming, which does not work with all screen sizes and resolutions.

On the other hand, responsive design is a unique code optimized to fit any device. This is the most recommended, as it will allow the user to access all your content. It is essential that you understand the significant advantages that this type of optimization will bring to your business.

3 Benefits of Mobile Website Optimization

  1. Improved User Experience

Keeping users' attention is one of the most relevant factors to achieve leads and conversions. When you manage to provide an excellent experience to your visitors, you already have half of the objective achieved. A responsive design will help you make it.

Keep in mind that a portal with a complicated content to access will bring you problems and users will lose interest in the website, and your brand. According to Google Think Insights, if a user is satisfied with your site thanks to a pleasant experience, there is a 67% chance that you will achieve the conversion.

  1. Improved Positioning

Search engines like Google favor sites with responsive design. Moreover, if the organic search is done from a mobile device, the searcher will place in the best positions those web optimized. This will notably improve the ranking of your contents.

Another advantage of using the responsive format (and not the mobile version) is that the structure of your code will be the same in all devices. This will maintain a single structure against Google spiders and avoid penalties. If you want to have the best Houston mobile website optimization contact us, at LeaderShield, we will be happy to assist you.

  1. Increased Sales

Finally, having an optimized web design for mobiles will significantly increase your sales. According to the Global Commerce Review, more than 50% of sales in the USA are made through these devices. Also, the trend continues to grow. In other words, if a business hopes to have a prosperous future in the digital world, it must adopt the mobile culture as soon as possible.

Trust the Experts!

If you want to take your business to the next level, LeaderShield provides you with the most outstanding Houston mobile website optimization. Join the more than 500 customers who have achieved success in their industries through our stunning & adaptable web designs. It's time for you to start on the road to success, and we will be your best ally. Contact us.

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Houston mobile website optimization


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