Ott Advertising Platforms

When developing advertising strategies in business, marketers must adapt according to how consumer behaviors change. The advances in the digital world in recent years have significantly changed the way people consume, and everything has changed, including television.

This has always been an extraordinary means for the development of campaigns that allow the promotion of goods and services. Today the reality is very different, with the emergence of Over-The-Top (OTT) platforms. If you want to take your marketing strategies to this new level of the television world, you must learn more about this new way of consuming audiovisual media.

What Are OTT Platforms?

Over-The-Top systems are all those platforms that allow the user to watch television content through the Internet. The significant difference that this modality has concerning traditional television is that the contents are on demand. In other words, with OTT, people stop being simple viewers and become users. This implies that now they have control and can decide without waiting what content they want to enjoy.

But the potential of OTT goes much further. These platforms allow users to enjoy content on different devices, such as tablets and smartphones. This allows for a significant increase in exposure, as the user can access their favorite programs wherever they can access the Internet. Finally, this option allows each individual to enjoy what they want, notably diversifying the variety of programs that a group of people can enjoy simultaneously.

Why Is It So Important to Consider OTT?

Any business owner who wants to spot business opportunities in TV-loving individuals should pay attention to OTT. This is a market whose growth is not impressive; it is abysmal. In less than a decade, audiovisual consumption through OTT platforms has grown so much that today there are more users of systems like Roku than those who continue to enjoy content through AT&T.

By 2020, it is estimated that the global market for the consumption of content through over-the-top will be around 63 billion, and will continue to grow. This is a television revolution that points out that in the not too distant future, more than 80% of TV users will do so through OTT platforms.

Where Are Business Opportunities With the OTT?

Certainly, the most demanded platforms such as Netflix or HBO are subscription platforms and don’t admit advertising; there are other alternatives with a lot of potentials. There are some OTT advertising platforms such as Hulu, which offer users economic subscriptions to users, with advertising insertions. The good news is that most users of these platforms prefer the advertised option to save a couple of dollars.

That's where the opportunity is. Advertising through OTT advertising platforms can be very effective, with an impressive ROI. You can customize and use cutting-edge tools like AI or Big Data to show your ads to users with the highest levels of conversion probability. In this way, you will be able to significantly increase the levels of conversions, with intelligent and specialized advertising.

Are You Ready to Get Your Business to the Top?

If you want to boost your business with the best strategies and the best OTT platforms, you are in the right place. Launch Media is the reference company in the development of digital campaigns for streaming media, and we are ready to take your company to the forefront. Request your appointment today and start your way to maximum profitability and success of your business. Contact us.

Ott Advertising Platforms

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Ott Advertising Platforms