Restaurants who want to get found online need to build an online presence that’s clear, consistent, and authentic. Otherwise, your online customers will be disappointed when they visit your restaurant and find out it doesn’t look anything like your website or Facebook page. The Marketing Kitchen has experience in helping restaurants get found online and ensuring their digital presences are as cohesive as their physical ones. There are also numerous ways for you to show your customers you love them by following a few simple steps.

Why Getting Your Restaurant Found Online Is Important

There are a lot of ways customers find places to eat. But according to internet marketing firm BrightLocal, 52% of customers use online sources like search engines and online review sites (like Yelp and TripAdvisor) to help them choose where to go. So if you’re not online—or not online in places where people look for your business—you’re missing out on business. Luckily, it’s easier than ever to get found online. Quickly establish accurate business information on Google My Business, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Own your business listings and keep your customers up-to-date by using Listing Builder.


If you have a local restaurant, getting found online is essential to generating new customers and sales. However, if your business isn’t listed on most of popular websites and directories (which would be almost all of them), you can expect to lose out on much-needed foot traffic. The good news is, that it’s easy to get your business in front of potential customers online by submitting information about your restaurant to multiple listings sites. However, it is incredibly important that your information is accurate across platforms. Having many locations or different variations of your name will create duplicate content issues and make search engines less likely to rank you well.

Showcasing your Brand

If you have a restaurant, first impressions matter. Potential customers will judge your brand based on your website’s design and content, which is why it’s so important to take advantage of online marketing strategies. Having a professional, user-friendly and mobile-friendly website that showcases your menu is one way to get your restaurant found online. Entice customers with photos. Highlight your products and services. Offer more information like hours of operation and payment methods. Enhance offerings that makes customers more likely to buy this sets you apart from the competition.

Getting found online takes time, but it can increase your sales and revenue. Do you have the time it takes to make your restaurant shine? If you don’t feel like you have the time it takes to make your online presence shine, the Marketing Kitchen can help you do just that. Buy our Get Found Online Recipe today!!

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