Last year pizza restaurant sales reached over 46 billion dollars in the US.  That’s a really big number.  The last 18 months have been hard.  There’s still challenges that you’re facing as a restaurant operator: labor and ingredient shortages, increasing costs of ingredients. Some restaurants are seeing a surge in demand that they can’t meet while others are struggling for sales.

Here’s what you have working in your favor right now:

  • Pizza is the most popular take out food in the world
  • Now more than ever people want to support locally owned and independent businesses
  • Across the industry, restaurant sales are climbing
  • Football season is coming

You and your competitors have access to the same ingredients, but what you do with them can set your restaurant apart from all the others.

Hanging your hat on your pizza? Here’s three ways to set your restaurant apart:

  1. Your Signature Menu Item
  2. Attention getting promotions
  3. Family style meal bundles

Your Signature Pizza

We’re never going to settle the “does pineapple belong on a pizza” debate but… 

It seems that pizza lovers have always been open to creativity when it comes to pizza. Dessert pizzas, mac and cheese pizza. You name it.  Pizza is one of the most flexible and versatile foods.  Create something special and unique that puts you on the map. Something that makes people want to say “I had it first” or “I’ve got to try that.”  Maybe it’s a double layer pizza with 2 favorites stacked, or it’s the “Highly Flammable” pizza made with ghost peppers, or a signature dessert pizza.   

Attention Getting Promotions

Attention getting promotions will get publicity and are worth investing money in. 

  • Center promotions or publicity around National Pizza Day
  • Collaborate with a community organization like an animal rescue or food pantry to host a fundraiser but center it around a special in your restaurant – example: for every sausage pizza sold on this day, we will donate X% to this organization
  • With football season around the corner, there’s ways to get people to order pizza – not just any pizza – YOUR pizza. Here’s some examples
    • Pre-order BEFORE game day or kick off for a special bundle with a price that is a good value for customers and profitable for you. Like the 19.19 Pizza Meal Deal (1919 is the year the Packers were founded)
    • For fountain beverages at dine-in restaurants, offer a drink for the Packers score the previous game (if they score 21 points, add a beverage for .21) only with the purchase of $10 or more
    • Consider a pizza “season ticket package) for game days.  Customers pay in advance with a bit of an incentive on the price for a pizza for the season or half season.  Set the terms that fit your business.  Maybe it’s for carryout only, only a certain size or choose from a set list of options.  You’ll get the sales in advance and generate some street talk and chatter. Plus you’ll be able to anticipate your labor and inventory.

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